Retro Reads

From black and white anthologies to the newer, full-color digital releases, we’ve had a lot of fun creating every book!  Whether you are a new reader unfamiliar with our earlier work or a long-time fan who’d like to revisit some of our out of print stories, we’ve created this space to house all of our “oldies but goodies.”

Check back often, as we’ll be adding more retired titles in the future!


New Retro: The God That Failed

 Evolution Book 1 was our first full-length printed book! EVB1 was developed as a black and white anthology to showcase the work of some of the earliest members of Write Club, the core group of individuals that would later form Terminus Media. Writer John McGuire teamed up with
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New Retro: The Gnome and the Boogeymen

Originally appearing in the Evolution Special anthology, “The Gnome and the Boogeymen” was one of our earliest successes! Nick Gnome is the most dangerous agent ever to carry an ODD (Other Dimensional Defense) Ops badge!
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