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Today’s entertainment landscape provides what is likely the most encouraging and accessible market ever available to creators. Rapid advances in development platforms, social media and digital production and delivery have created a space in which your options for bringing a project to market are much broader.  With so many competitors seeking the attention of the same publishers, developers and distributors, how can you make your project stand out?

Terminus Media can help you to create a dynamic pitch package or even an entire finished product. You’ll work directly with an art director and a tam of artists to develop your material into fully rendered characters and environs. We can even assist you in creating storyboards and digital mock-ups of effects or CGI sequences. Not only will your project standout, but taking this extra development step will also provide decision-makers with a greater understanding of your vision and commitment to getting your project developed!

Project Highlight

Kingdom Entertainment Studios
The Nineveh Book and Film Series

Character Development, Character Turnarounds, Environmental Backgrounds and Promotional Artwork

For this project, Kingdom Entertainment Studios enlisted Terminus’s team of professional illustrators and artists to develop characters and promotional artwork based on its popular “Nineveh” book series. Our services were enlisted to create the visual references for the fantastical creatures and characters which inhabit the Land of Nineveh! From developing turnarounds, concept art and fully rendered characters to producing environmental backgrounds, posters and cover art, Terminus provided Kingdom Entertainment a fully realized universe of visual components for use on its websites, book cover, layered animation, and packaging materials.


Contracting with Terminus Media, with Mark Stancil a my Art Director, and working with the wonderful team of artists, on my upcoming Nineveh Graphic Novel and feature film projects has been a blessing to me. Their ability and patient to take the various characters and environments from my mind and written descriptions; and work closely with me through numerous drafts to bring them visually to life on paper, with such a Spirit of Excellence, has been such a pleasant experience. I look forward to our continued working relationship. Rufus Morris Jr. Creator, Writer and Producer of the Nineveh books and film series
Rufus Morris